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If you’re going to (read anywhere actually) be sure to wear some flowers”… on your clothes. In prints that is. YES the Floral Print Trend is back for 2015 Spring & Summer, but that is no big surprise, I really don’t think it was, or ever will be gone. As you can’t have fall without the dark hues and thick fabrics, you certainly can’t have a hot season without (1) Floral Prints, (2) Light & white colors and fabrics. What is different though in 2015 is the retro feeling and Sicilian vibe I get from all those flower printed clothes & accessories.

And that’s another great new thing, flowers are invading not just the same cliche items (tops and bottoms) but bags, shoes, headwraps, earrings, tiny fashion bits that you never even imagined could carry an array of nicely scented roses & buds. Ah… a very romantic, boho-chic & retro style.


To avoid any fashion predicament you might think you’re in, and the frenzy that comes with figuring out what type of flowers are in, or what size should they be, I say breathe. Let’s just enjoy fashion and have loads of fun with it. Sure nobody wants to don a, what they think is a cool floral vintage bag that actually looks dull and dated… but honestly who gives a damn about the strict fashion lines. I don’t even think we’re supposed to. Not unless we wish to be labeled as fashion victims. And at the end of the day fashion is about getting creative… But just to have an idea that you can put at the back of your mind for that ”just in case” moment, according to designers the Floral Prints this season are either super big and not crowded OR tiny and understated. Pick your type and roll with it.


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